#GSCAcademy: Robots are Coming! Upgrade for the future workplace!

The Robots Are Coming! So What Do We Do?

Its no surprise that we are moving faster than ever towards a world where technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots will play a substantial role in how we and our businesses operate.  Technology brings with it super efficiencies both in time and cost, however superfast does not always mean best.

A Price Waterhouse Cooper report published in March 2017 states that 30 percent of jobs in the UK are at risk of being replaced by machines by the early 2030’s. So how do we prepare for this?  Do we rush out and upskill into those professions that won’t be impacted by machines?

Technology holds a key place in the present and the future. We already rely on technology every day, but the way a computer processes information compared to the way a human does is fundamentally different.  A computer’s decision making process is based on logic and a set of programmed criteria. Humans draw from their experience, values, intuition and much more to help them make decisions – which has many benefits.

Imagine the impact if instead we focused on strengthening and maximising the capabilities that only us humans have and then learned how to work in partnership with technology.


Do you know?

Out of the world’s 2.8 billion Internet users, only 1.3 billion are women. Women account for fewer than 20% of ICT specialists in developing economies and has been estimated that, by 2020, 90% of formal employment across all sectors will require ICT skills.


How Do I Get Started?

Need to upgrade your coding skills?
Need to learn how to work in partnership with technology.
Need a gender friendly tech space that equips you with the right resources, skills and coaching?

GirlsSlayCode (GSC) is a program is designed by Tech4her Africa in partnership with our resource partners; Microsoft, Mest Africa, IBM. We are passionate about increasing access of women and girls to technology tools, skills and mentoring leading to financial liberation.
By 2020, 90% of formal employment across all sectors will require ICT skills.

Our Vision is To equip over 5,000,000 girls in Nigeria, Ghana, Kigali, South Africa with coding skills by 2030.


Experience GSC: Meet Our Alumni Members



Yaay! It’s Our Hour of Code

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to coding. How do you know where to start?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have something for everyone, whether you’re new to coding, or a long time learner, explore the options below for:

  1. #HourOfCode  – 2 hours code sessions {1hr theory + 1 hr practical} for 2 days, with a network of experts you will be able to master any programming language.

Themes for the Sessions:

  • HOC1: Software Fundamentals + Introduction To Programming
  • HOC2: IBM’s Blockly (Block Programming)
  • HOC3: Javascript Starter
  • HOC4: PHP/MYSQL Starter
  • HOC5: C++ Starter
  • HOC6: Python Starter
  • HOC7: Introduction to Blockchain {IBM}
  • HOC8: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence {IBM}
  • HOC9: Data Science for Beginners {Microsoft}

2. #Hackathon / Competition with grand cash prizes + IOT Devices to be won

3. IOTWOMEN{Institute Of Technology For Women} Academy: Full featured courses that run between 4-12 weeks depending on your course module and covering: Coding, Design, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Hardware & Robotics Engineering,  Google, IBM, Microsoft & Intel Certifications + Badges.


  • Blogging For Professionals {Full Course}
  • IBM certified AI Chatbot Engineer {Full Course}
  • Front-end Developer/WebDesigner/UI/UX designers- HTML/CSS, Vue.js, Photoshop, Adobe XD.
  • Back-end/Database Developer- PHP, MSQL, MONGODB, Python
  • Data Scientist & Analyst- Full Course
  • Google’s Certified Digital Marketing Course
  • IBM’s Blockchain Full Course
  • Google’s Android Developer Course
  • Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science Course
  • {Microsoft} Certified Digital Literacy Course
  • Visual Programming with IBM’s Blockly
  • Block Programming with Google’s Scratch
  • Javascript Full Course
  • Python Full Course
  • C++ Full Course
  • IBM’s Design thinking certification

Request for the IOTWomen Brochure here: Send us a mail on hello@tech4herafrica.com and tech4herafrica@gmail.com


 Who is it For:

The training is open to every woman in different African countries. If you are outside Nigeria, You can choose the online class option.

  • Senior Secondary School students (SS1-3)
  • Undergraduates & Fresh graduates
  • Females from 13-45 years of age.

You can choose how you’d like to experience the event:

  • General session
  • Mentored session. (One-on-One coaching)


Benefits To Attendees

  • The academy {Hour of code sessions} is tuition-free, and 10 best participants will be selected.
  • Opportunity to get selected for MEST scholarship  (meltwater.org). Tech4her is MEST’s official recruit partner in Nigeria (https://meltwater.org/about/partners/?tag=recruitment-partners#filters) and Silicon Valley -AngelHack’s community  partner in Nigeria https://angelhack.com/angelhack-lagos-hackathon-2018/.
  • Course Tutors and Mentors available for attendees during and after the code sessions
  • Free hour of code sessions hosted monthly
  • For each course you complete, you’ll earn a digital badge and a certificate from Tech4her Africa. And because the skills you’ll gain are respected by the digital industry, our esteemed industry partners are offering you exclusive rewards and opportunities for finishing our courses.
  • Best student gets a laptop + Data Subscription
  • Runner up gets a Nike Digital Watch + Data Subscription
  • Professional badges and certifications from IBM, Microsoft, Google


Venue & Dates:

  • September 6-7 at 9am: American Corner-CCHUB, Yaba Lagos.
  • September 20-21 at 9:00am: American Corner, Jericho GRA Ibadan.
  • Online. {Date will be announced}
  • IOTWomen runs monthly (4-12 weeks depending on your course)

Registration closes August 20. You can apply from any country in Africa. However those outside Nigeria will have to apply to attend the online class

Note: Tuition free, Registration is N5000. Certifications issued at a cost.


*Q: I have other questions!*
You can post on the group or contact us via hello@tech4herafrica.com, tech4herafrica@gmail.com or call 08105445404.



Video Stories from past cohortshttps://www.tech4herafrica.com/pr-testimonials/  

Pictures from the last event here: