GSCAcademy v11: Design & Innovate For Web 3.0

Generally, women account for fewer than 25% of ICT specialists in developing economies and has been estimated that, by 2030, 90% of formal employment across all sectors will require ICT skills.

GSC Academy provides a gender friendly environment to start or advance your journey in Computer Coding & Digital Innovation. You can learn at your pace, connect with women sharing similar interests, speak with coaches and work on projects in teams.

the Experience…

Girls Slay Code is a program is designed by Tech4her Africa in partnership with our resource partners: MEST Africa, COMPTIA, Certiport, Global AI Hub & IBM Africa. We are passionate about increasing the access of women and girls to technology tools, skills and mentoring to accelerate equitable opportunities for inclusive growth and economic development in Africa.

#GirlsSlayCode: It’s Our Hour of Code

Let’s get started…

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to coding. How do you know where to start?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have something for everyone, whether you’re new to coding, or a long time learner, explore the options below for #HourOfCode with #Tech4her.

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Start Where You Are. Choose A Learning Path That suits Your status.

GSC Explorer {For Newbies}

GSC Explorer: 1 Hour Introductory code session to help you get started with coding. Our tutors and experts will help you learn the basics of any programming concept in 1hr. A total of 10hours that involves practical, group work.

GSC Innovator {For Progressives}

At this stage, you will be guided to choose a learning path as your next step. Based on your experience at the explorer level, you would make more informed decision on what career path to choose. You get access to Consulting session with our Career experts. Begin your adventure experience with GSC 100 hours code sessions {30hrs theory + 30hrs groupwork 40hours practical} over 4 weeks, with a network of experts you will be able to master the basics of any tech concept.

GSC Pro { For Experts}

At this stage, you are on your journey to gain mastery and monetize this skill. You can decide to take a certification course with COMPTIA, Certiport, Microsoft, Google. Tech4her Africa is an authorized partner to deliver most of these certifications. If you need more information, do contact us.

Registration closes on June 18, 2022. You can apply from any country in Africa.

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Career Pathways for the Sessions: 

  • Front-end Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Web Designer
  • API Specialist
  • NFT Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • Product Designer
  • Digital Designer

GSC Explorer: You can only choose a maximum of 3 modules.

GSCEX001:  HTML5 & CSS3 in 1hr

GSCEX002 : Web3.0 & NFTs in 1hr

GSCEX003:  Javascript in 1hr

GSCEX004 : React JS in 1hr

GSCEX005 : Introduction To API Programming

GSCEX006 : Bootstrap in 1hr

GSCEX007 : Digital Design in 1hr

Tuition: Sponsored by Tech4her Africa. Registration fees is compulsory -$10 {N5500}.

GSC Innovator: You can only choose a maximum of 1 module.

GSCINV01:  UI/UX Design & Prototyping

GSCINV02 : Responsive Web Design With HTML & Bootstrap Framework

GSCINV03 : NFTs Creation & Trading on Blockchain Network

GSCINV04 : Front-end Development With React JS Framework

GSCINV05 : API Web Programming

Tuition: Subsidized sum of $100/ N50,000. Application for 50% scholarship available to selected and qualified students.

Duration: 100hours | 4 weeks {2 physical sessions}

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GSC PRO: Advance to become an expert in your chosen path. Full Certification courses are available from, IBM, Microsoft. Request for a brochure to get course list with prices.

Who is it For: The training is open to every woman in different African countries. If you are outside Nigeria, You can choose the online class option.

  • Females from 15-55 years of age.

You can choose how you’d like to experience the event:

  • Online
  • Physical session
  • Private coaching {Student can choose a time period and you are assigned to a private tutor for each module}
  • Mentored session {Extra lessons are taken by student with a private tutor}

Benefits To Attendees

  • Sponsored and Premium Training available
  • Opportunity to get selected for a USA technology  scholarship hosted in Ghana ( Tech4her is MEST’s official recruit partner in Nigeria (
  • Participate in international hackathons. Alumni members won a Silicon Valley Hackathon see here
  • Course Tutors and Mentors available to attendees during and after the code sessions
  • Certificate of achievement presented to participants
  • Professional badges and certifications from Certiport, IBM, Microsoft.
  • Gifts awarded to top 5 students.

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Venue & Dates:

GSC Explorer: June 25th | Maryland, Lagos

GSC PRO: June 25th & July 2nd | Impact Hub, Ikoyi

If you choose Private coaching or Weekend session, you will receive more information regarding that.

Our Vision is To Train The Next 25,000 female tech leaders to watch in Africa zooming on Nigeria by 2030.

Get to know more about us here:

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