How To Achieve Your Goals In 2021.

Did you know that Visioning is FAR more productive than setting resolutions. It’s a new year and you had the 100% motivation to drive your set goals but you lost motivation towards the middle and this happens like every year. Do you think something is wrong? If you have been setting resolutions year in and out without significant progress, then surely there’s more to it.

Let’s do some analysis by comparing ‘Setting Resolutions’ and Visioning.

Resolutions by nature feel a little redundant, overwhelming, and are often ineffective. (If you’ve ever found yourself making the same resolution to lose weight year after year, without any real results to show for it then you know what I mean).

In contrast, a vision is more inspiring, creative, and intuitive. Most importantly it conditions your brain set the conditions for an actual breakthrough or meaningful change rather than just hoping for one.

Creating a vision is so much more powerful than a business plan on how to achieve our resolution. Why? Visions use imagery, which neurobiologically uses our innate implicit system. When creating a vision we automatically build an experience around the benefits of it. It becomes a multi-sensory experience as we spend time visualising our success and knowingly or not, examine how it looks, feels, and even what it might sound or taste like.

Once imagined the mind and body creates a psychophysiological blueprint of what and how to achieve it. When a vision is locked into our implicit system, our brain automatically starts to manifest it in our reality. It starts making daily decisions towards this aim without us having to do anything.

In summary, Visioning gives you the sustaining energy to drive and achieve your goals. Visioning gives you the reason and passion to commit to your resolutions that will help achieve your goals.

What is a Vision Board?


Here is a sample for your use. Replace the pictures with yours, print out and paste on your wall.

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