Legal Advice for Techies with Hon. Seyi & Harvard’s Wola on Google Hangout.

Looking forward to hosting you live on Google Hangout with our special guests- Hon. Seyi Adisa  (OYSB Assembly & John Maxwell Leadership and Wola Joseph (LLB, BL, LLM Harvard University & Chief Legal @ Eko Electric).

We shall be discussing the legal frameworks you should know about as it applies to tech space to avoid trouble.

Startup founders are notoriously fixated on their latest business idea. On their technology, on the millions of people who might benefit from their innovations. And on the financial rewards that come from business success, off course. Unfortunately, many innovators treat legal compliance like a trip to the dentist: something to do later, or only if it hurts.

For ideas that have true commercial value, this approach can create countless hours of unnecessary work, at best, and, at worst, can sow at the outset the seeds of a startup’s eventual demise. It is far better to seek legal advice carrying an idea on a napkin than with a legal complaint or certified letter.

A good lawyer will be a key behind-the-scenes contributor to the success of your startup.

“Seeking counsel at the very beginning will help you familiarize yourself with the lay of the land,” “The last thing you want to do is launch, only to find out you overlooked an important regulation that carries a hefty penalty. With such a comprehensive introduction on this topic, join our guests as we dive deeper into the topic this Thursday at 6pm.

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