How Be a Thought Leader In Your Profession.

  1. Cultivate your Sense of Adventure

Experts are never content with the status quo. They’re always looking for the next “evolution” of their profession. They’re constantly trying new techniques, improving on existing concepts, exploring new ideas and adding value. They’re always looking to push the boundaries and expand the limits of their field. Experts are at the forefront, leading the way for the future of their profession.

Don’t simply accept “standard practice”. As an expert, your role is to question, challenge and innovate. Engage your brain. Think differently. Don’t be afraid of uncharted territory—relish it. Expertise requires a daring sense of adventure.

2. Demonstrate your knowledge

Experts take pride in demonstrating and sharing their skills and knowledge. They always want to be of service to their professional community. If you want to be seen as an expert, put your expertise out there for all to benefit from. Let your ideas spark conversation. Be the catalyst that inspires others to think differently about your profession. Be loud and bold and unafraid of drawing attention to yourself and your point-of-view.

How do you do this? The written word is always a great place to start. Consider writing an article for a publication catering to your industry or profession. Or start a blog like this one (as I said, anyone can!). Nothing is more empowering than putting your thoughts out there for the world to see. And, as a published author—whether online or in print—you’re automatically afforded a certain level of authority. It’s not difficult to establish a name and reputation for yourself, but it does require effort.

3) Commit to training and educating people

Another way to demonstrate and share your expertise is to train others—offer to present on a topic of interest at a local industry conference or meeting of your professional association. Host a lunch and learn event at your company, or simply share tips and resources with your colleagues. Don’t be afraid of lifting others up and helping them shine—experts are eager to raise the bar for their profession, not just for themselves.

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